Woman using smartphone at roadside after car accident

Avoid Posting on Social Media After Your Accident 

Downs, McDonough, Cowan & Foley Jan. 25, 2023

Social media is everywhere today. We use it to communicate with loved ones, co-workers, and acquaintances. While it can be a force for good, it can also have negative impacts. In particular, we do not always stop to think about how social media can impact legal issues that we come across. If you’ve been in an accident, whether you were the victim or you caused it, it’s important that you don’t post about it on social media.  

Your first step after an accident should be to get to a safe environment and get the medical help you need. Your next step is to reach out to a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you fight for the compensation you deserve while also protecting your rights, answering any questions you may have, and giving you the help you need. Make sure that before you make any moves surrounding your car accident, discuss them with your attorney.  

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Personal Image on Social Media 

While not always the case, social media profiles on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram generally show a fairly accurate depiction of who we are. Our pictures, the comments we leave, and the things we like reflect our interests, personality traits, and thoughts. 

So, you may wonder: How can my image on social media affect my car accident case? 

How Social Media Can Affect a Personal Injury Claim in Colorado 

At first, posting on social media after a car accident may seem like a good thing to do. Maybe it will make you feel validated by your friends and loved ones, or maybe you feel it will help prove injury or damages. However, accident victims should always avoid posting anything on social media following a car accident. It is always best to err on the side of caution. 

Here are three ways in which social media can negatively affect a personal injury claim: 

  1. Social media posts may contradict personal injuries. Pictures and posts that may somehow undermine the extent of personal injuries can be used to discredit the claimant. 

  1. Comments may be misconstrued. Comments such as, “It wasn’t that bad” or “It looks worse than it really was” could be used by at-fault parties to prove the victim is blowing their injuries out of proportion. 

  1. Avoid posting pictures depicting injuries, the accident scene, or material damages. Doing so may inadvertently give the at-fault party the evidence they need to prove their version of the story. Anything accident-related must not be made public without first consulting with a trusted personal injury attorney. 

Please remember that anything and everything can be used to discredit accident victims. 

Protecting Yourself on Social Media Following an Accident in Colorado 

Please remember that it is crucial to know how to protect yourself on social media following an accident. 

  • Victims should not reference their accidents to avoid posts being taken out of context. 

  • Contact family and friends directly. You can share thank-you messages and updates, but do so directly to those that care for you. It is always best to limit social media activity as much as possible.   

  • Making social media profiles private or temporarily suspending them is a good idea to avoid unwelcome snooping.  

Getting the Right Legal Counsel in Colorado 

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