Product Liability Attorneys in Durango, Colorado

Dangerous and defective products injure thousands of people every year in the United States. Product defects can be extremely dangerous, in large part because they have the potential of harming and injuring numerous people at the same time. There are many different types of products that could be deemed dangerous or defective, from car parts such as defective airbags to medical devices, toys, and firearms. Companies have a responsibility to design, manufacture and market consumer products to be safe for public use. They are also responsible for providing consumers with adequate instructions and warnings labels about how to use their products safely. 

When a manufacturer fails to fulfill these responsibilities, the results can be catastrophic. Defective products and inadequate warning labels cause serious, life-changing injuries and even death to consumers. There are four theories that typically drive these types of cases: negligence, breach of warranty, misrepresentation, and strict liability. It can be difficult to determine which type of liability has taken place, which is why it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney from Downs, McDonough, Cowan & Foley, LLC work to compensate people who have sustained serious injuries as a result of dangerous or defective products and to compel manufacturers to make their products safer. 

In cases of serious injuries we can travel to meet with you. When you meet with us, we can help you understand the unique circumstance surrounding your injury and create an individualized strategy to help you recover full and fair compensation for your injury and other damages. Prosecuting an effective personal injury case is not easy, but with the help of our skilled legal team, you stand a better chance of obtaining the case outcome you need.